Industry Snapshot

The PEO industry gross revenues are estimated to be around $176b as of 2018. Projected profit for the same year was just under $2b. The annual growth rate from 2013 through 2018 was 8.1%. The market is currently 2/3 white-collar and 1/3 blue-collar, mirroring that of US businesses. While the market is considered fragmented with over 900 PEOs in existence today, revenues are consolidated. The top 6 players control over 50% of the total gross revenues nationally. There has been increased movement toward consolidation in the last 10 years and we have seen valuations increase in recent years as well.

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PEO Industry Publication

This site contains a plethora of articles pertaining to mergers and acquisitions within the PEO industry. The topics covered, as it relates to M&A, include: valuation, due diligence, acquisition sourcing, integration, industry statistics, synergies, growth, financial review, leadership development, publicly traded PEO analysis, culture, and more. These articles have been provided by some of the industry’s top experts, including Rob Comeau, CEO of Business Resource Center and a number of CEOs of prominent PEOs.


M&A Advisory, Sourcing, & Consulting

Business Resource Center, Inc. is a business consulting and M&A advisory firm with a niche interest in the PEO industry. It’s CEO, Rob Comeau, is one of the foremost experts in the PEO industry. He typically works with investors and PEO leadership providing advisory services, consulting, due diligence, acquisition sourcing, growth initiatives, and strategy. To contact Rob, you may email him at, or visit his LinkedIn profile at


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