Eye Black Designs Inspiration

I read an article years ago about eye black designs from Korked Bats, and it was hilarious. You can find that original article with their pictures from Korked Bats by clicking here. As I revisited their article and got another laugh, I thought it would be fun to put together some of our own ideas for eye black designs.

We hope you enjoy these and get a laugh! If you have your own idea, drop us a comment and we’ll look to add it to future updates. Enjoy, and playball!

The Standard

The Standard

The classic two swipes under the eyes, also known as the OG of eye black.

The Evangelist

The Evangelist - Eye Black Designs

The I love Jesus, and if you don’t know, now you know…

The Guy-Liner

The Guyliner - Eye Black Designs

The go-to for Captain Jack Sparrow, the lead singer of a punk band, or someone transitioning.

The Raccoon

The Raccoon

Because there is never too much eye black used when you love those little trash-pandas

The Harry Potter

The Harry Potter - Eye Black Designs

If this was Quidditch you’d be starting, but its not, so grab some pine meat! Expelliarmus!

The Under-Aged Player Trying to Buy Beer

The Under-aged

Do you have your ID on you? Uh, not on me, but look at my righteous beard. Nice try sasquatch.

The Warpaint

The war paint

For the coach that used to play decades ago, but still tries to fit in with his team.

The Incase You Forgot My Number

The Incase you forgot my number

We can read your jersey dude, you don’t need it plastered on your face. Are you 7 or 77?

The Kitten-Whiskers

The Kitten Whiskers

Listen up meow.

The Jenny-Jenny

The Jenny Jenny - Eye Black Designs

Eight-Six-Seven, Five-Three-Oh-Niiiiiine. Wooo!

The Unibrow

The Unibrow

Nice brow-bridge

The Mustachio

The Mustachio

Good luck getting into the game Curly Bill.

The I Fell Asleep In the Dugout

The I Fell Asleep - Eye Black Designs

You deserved it.

The I don’t Know What The Hell I am Doing

The What the Hell

Take the eye black from this dude, if there’s any left.

The Eddy Munster

The Eddy Munster

I’m starting to date myself here. I’m oooold.

The Crier

The Crier - Eye Black Designs

You’re really going to be crying when mom has to wash the eye black out of your jersey. (Thanks moms for always taking care of us baseball/softball slobs!)

The I Pushed Too Hard and Broke the Eye Black Stick

The I Pushed Too Hard - Eye Black Designs

Take it easy Hercules

The Schnoz

The Schnoz - Eye Black Designs

The name keeps cracking me up. Schnoz. hahaha.

The Snot-Gutter

The Snot gutter

Keep it clear. If it’s running, don’t come to the game!

The Whoops on the Color

The Wrong Color - Eye Black Designs

I swear it looked different on Amazon! No one is buying your story hoss.

We hope you got a laugh and some ideas for your next game! Playing years ago, and now coaching my kids’ teams, I’ve seen more eye black designs than you can imagine. Regardless of your eye black design, play hard! Attitude and Effort are the two things you can control. Own them both and go gettem!

Coach Rob

Bonus: The God of War

Got to have some fun when coaching your kids! FYI, the “War Paint” one earlier in the article was my go-to. 😉