Superior PEO sales is not a regurgitation of your company’s offering.  It is a discovery based, solution driven process explained in a direct and easy to understand method.  The vast majority of PEO companies in which we have consulted with do not have a clear and concise pathway to maturing their PEO sales force.  They will generally allow the sales force and past experience to dictate standard levels of production and hold the sales team accountable to these “by default” productivity levels.

Interestingly enough, your PEO sales professional may be the only branding opportunity your company gets with your prospective clientele and referral partners.  Therefore, equipping your team with the resources and direction to be successful is essential to your organizational growth objectives and brand management.

Does the 80/20 rule apply to your current sales team?  If so, there is an improper balance of underdeveloped talent on your bench. When your company hires the right talent and then provides a clear path to growth and success with the ability to spot check business acumen growth, the 80/20 rule is demolished.

With 2016 getting underway, perhaps it’s time to reevaluate your current approach to revenue growth by reviewing the fuel you are putting into your sales engine.  If your sales force has room for improvement, we can guide and stimulate your growth to new levels. If your sales force doesn’t have room for improvement, you’re kidding yourself.  You don’t have to use Business Resource Center, Inc. to improve your sales force but you should have a strategic plan of improvement in place to mature your existing and emerging sales talent.  Don’t be satisfied with the status quo and don’t over hire in numbers due to mediocrity in performance.  Develop your sales talent, both your PEO and your sales professionals will reap ongoing benefits from this, as will your future clientele and organizational branding.

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