Business expert Resource Center, Inc. is a management consulting and M&A advisory firm to the PEO industry. BRC has PEO experts specializing in business consulting, due diligence, consolidation, operational optimization, assimilation and acquisition sourcing within the PEO industry. We work with private equity firms, investment bankers and strategic operators to grow and improve PEOs. Our business consulting can be in conjunction with an acquisition or merger or we can consult directly with PEOs when there is no pending transaction.

Our expertise includes: 

  • Strategy
  • Market analysis
  • Financial analysis
  • Value proposition analysis
  • Acquisition sourcing
  • Formal due diligence
  • Post acquisition consulting, assimilation and synergies
  • Business consulting
  • Go-to-market strategy
  • Sales development
  • Operational excellence
  • Lean processes
  • Leadership development
  • Marketing
  • Workforce management
  • EBITDA increase
  • Industry research
  • and more…

Our team of experienced professionals and external partners have a phenomenal track-record of success. BRC aligns with its client’s stakeholders to identify where the organization is at, where it is looking to go, and the preferred timeline in achieving the transformation. This transformation is designed to yield increased EBITDA, profit and drive future exit multiples.

BRC works with clientele on scaling an organization and can provide external references to industry partners in order to achieve desired results.

BRC also conducts industry research projects to provide increased visibility, metrics and data to stakeholders within the industry. The research projects provide additional color into industry trends, competitive analysis and model design.

To learn more about the PEO experts at Business Resource Center, Inc. visit us on the web at Our CEO, Rob Comeau is the author of the PEO industry publication and is an expert in the PEO industry.


Rob Comeau, CEO

Business Resource Center, Inc.